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Discover & Explore The Power of Hugs

Holistic Hugs offers something quite unique and is beautiful in its simplicity.

Specialising in therapeutic, healing touch and human connection.
Using Cuddle Therapy & Coaching we create a safe space working within boundaries and consent whilst creating a deep and nurturing experience.

Consensual, platonic touch is not only beneficial but is vital for our physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

Hugging is a beautiful form of communication which can deepen relationships with ourselves and others. It’s enriching and healing.

Certified and insured Ethical Touch and Cuddle Therapist.


It is time for the human race to reconnect with each other in-person, face to face, hand to hand, smile to smile, chuckle to chuckle. Don’t just put down your gadgets when you’re with someone – switch them off. Give the person you are with your undivided attention. Your time and presence is one of the greatest gifts of all.
Take a look around the website and read more about  how Ethical Touch And Cuddle Therapy might be just what you need.

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