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There are many fall-outs from this current pandemic. The obvious isolation that we’re having to maintain is having a knock-on effect with our mental health and further increasing feelings of loneliness and some front-line workers are experiencing trauma. I’m finding an increasing number of people contacting me for support through connection so I’ve been exploring ways to try to meet your needs.

As I tentatively move forward to opening up to offer in-person compassionate touch and cuddle services once more please carefully read the Covid Policy here:  

For those not ready for in-person sessions yet I can still support you in this time when we can’t be physically close.

Here are some other ways that I might just help support you:

  1. I am offering virtual cuddle sessions via video-link (the camera can be switched off during the main part of the session if you feel self-conscious). As a trained meditation teacher the session will run as a visualisation. These sessions will run for 30 minutes up to an hour dependant on your needs.
  2. We can also connect in a way that is deeper than words can fulfil with an online eye gazing hug. The first few seconds can sometimes feel the most awkward but as the seconds tick by it’s easier to connect with anothers heart and simply appreciate that beautiful, united moment. Some questions you might want answering: Can I blink?
    Of course! It’s not a staring competition.
    Can I look away?
    Yes, anytime you feel the need to avert your gaze you are welcome to do so.
    What if I burst out laughing or cry?
    Whatever arises for you is fine. We can support each other just by being present with each other. No words necessary.
    How long will we eye hug for?
    For as long as we are comfortable to do so whether that’s 2 seconds, 2 minutes or 20 minutes.
    The only thing I would suggest is that you approach it with no expectations. Be open to whatever the experience is.
    And, if you’re into meditation, it’s a beautiful form of meditation too.
  3.  I can guide you through a beautiful  exercise in self-soothing. This exercise teaches you how to use touch and reconnect with your own body.

Of course, nothing will beat that physical experience but I can hold you in other ways.


Until the end of September I am offering these sessions on a Pay from Your Heart donation basis. I will give you a link when you book for paypal or bank transfer and you are welcome to pay before or after the session. I’ve set it up this way deliberately as I know many may be struggling financially currently as well as  mentally and emotionally.

This Pay From The Heart fee will change to a set fee from October 1st 2020. It is time now for me to honour the energy and time I put into these sessions.

As with all of my sessions you are welcome to stop the session at any time as am I if I feel things are not working well for us.

This is a wonderful way to feel nourished  and supported at a time when you may be feeling very vulnerable.

And, if none of these options appeal to you I’m also available for online one-one meditations. We can discuss what your meditation needs are and start from there.

I’m still here for you so do reach out if you need me.

Certified and insured Compassionate Touch and Cuddle Therapist.

Holistic Hugs offers something quite unique and is beautiful in its simplicity.

Specialising in therapeutic, healing touch and human connection.
Using Cuddle Therapy & Coaching we create a safe space working within boundaries and consent whilst creating a deep and nurturing experience.  It’s enriching and healing.

Consensual, platonic touch is not only beneficial but is vital for our physical, psychological, social and emotional well-being.

In the Media

Early in 2020 I was part of a recent interview on BBC Radio Scotland discussing the importance of touch for the Sunday Morning show with presenter Connie McLaughlin and Psychologist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk. 


  It is time for the human race to reconnect with each other in-person, face to face, hand to hand, smile to smile, chuckle to chuckle. Don’t just put down your gadgets when you’re with someone – switch them off. Give the person you are with your undivided attention. Your time and presence is one of the greatest gifts of all.      

Take a look around the website and read more about  how Compassionate Touch And Cuddle Therapy might be just what you need.  

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