International Hand Holding Day 2019

Friday 9th August is International Hand Holding Day.

Creating a chain of people holding hands across the world.
It’s a beautiful multi-generational activity.
My aim with this event is to inspire people to create gatherings inviting people to hold hands as a sign of support and connection – to bring strangers together with a simple but profound moment of solidarity.

National Hand Holding Day has always been observed annually on August 9th and this year is no different – Friday, August 9th, 2019.

My local event will be in Marsden village centre in the UK is at 4.44pm inviting people to form a circle/line of friendship whilst holding hands.
I hope you feel inspired to join us or create your own event.

“Here’s to the bridge-builders, the hand-holders, the light-bringers, those extraordinary souls wrapped in ordinary lives who quietly weave threads of humanity into an inhumane world. They are the unsung heroes in a world at war with itself. They are the whisperers of hope that peace is possible. Look for them in this present darkness. Light your candle with their flame. And then go. Build bridges. Hold hands. Bring light to a dark and desperate world. Be the hero you are looking for. Peace is possible. It begins with us.”
― L.R. Knost

Details can be found here

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