The Vulnerability of Touch

When we come together to share such an intimate act as touch it is not uncommon to feel vulnerable and self conscious. Putting our trust in another to help guide us through that nurturing experience is a big step. What will be expected of me? Will I freeze with fear or anxiety? What if I look silly?
I know, as a human being and a Cuddle Therapist, that feeling of vulnerability.
This is what I have learned –
Vulnerability takes practice. It doesn’t always come easy and it doesn’t happen overnight.
When you love yourself and are self-compassionate vulnerability is easier.
When we open up to that vulnerability something special happens. With vulnerability comes an authenticity which enables us to connect much more deeply with ourselves and each other.
Embracing our vulnerability can open doors and bring beautiful friendships.
Vulnerability allows us to freely express ourselves, to face fears, acknowledge joy and pain and with that comes great personal growth.
Yes, it can open us more to hurt and disappointment but it can also open us up to more joy and incredible moments.
There is no need to hide your vulnerability.
Your vulnerability is your truth.

And your truth is warmly welcomed.


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