Boundaries and Consent

A core part of any cuddle session, whether on-line or in-person is establishing boundaries and consent.

I make clear expectations very early in conversations before a session even takes place to ensure clients are provided with clear information as to what is acceptable and what is not. What this sevice provides and what it does not.

But, it doesn’t end there.

At the beginning of every session I give further clarification and check in with you as to what boundaries and consent means to you and clear up any misunderstandings.

I want you to have a good grounding in what this actually means in practice.

We then actually put this into practice with specific exercises.

It’s so very important for us all gain confidence in giving and receiving consent.

It’s the building block to trust.

Particularly saying and hearing “No”.

And, if you don’t hear a clear “Yes” then it must be taken as a “No”. There are no grey areas.

Yes = Yes (at any point that can be revoked verbally or physically such as pulling away)

No = No.

No answer or the person is undecided = No

If there is ANY doubt the answer is “No”.

All in the knowledge that an answer can be revoked at any time. So a “Yes” may become a “No” if the person changes their mind.

This empowers us to advocate for ourselves which creates a more meaningful and successful session.

In fact, for people who have experienced unsolicited or inappropriate touch (and surprisingly many of us have) or who have difficulties expressing their touch wishes a whole session might be based around practicing boundaries and consent without any touch taking place.

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