A Quiet Hug or a Conversational Cuddle?

Some people wonder what actually happens in a Compassionate Touch and Cuddle session other than, well…… touch and hugs.

Do we chat or are we quiet?

Is the session in silence or is there background music?

If we talk what do we talk about?

And my answer to that is all of the above.

I always ask at the beginning of a session “what do you need from this session?”

“What would make you feel more at ease?”

There is no expectation to talk.

About anything.

My job is to hold the space for you and let it unfold naturally.

I am not here to fix you or take away your worries but more to offer a soft place of caring for your feelings to land.

Can we trust this space to open up, whether there is deep silence or conversational chatter, into an authentic experience?

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