The Heart Knows

“When a person finally feels safe enough to talk about their trauma openly or even speak admissions privately to themselves, a bold and powerful moment is born. And in the midst of these initial breaths are the tender, courageous steps towards healing.
Opening typically comes organically in nature, yet I have seen it rushed before its time. I have seen unseasonable temperatures press the fragile bud to break too early. When the air gently warms the supple heart, it will open in its own way. The heart knows when it feels safe and warm enough to unfurl.”

A passage from the book Open Passages by Susan Frybort.

This is why my work with touch and cuddling is such a powerful experience.

There is no expectation to open up, to share or talk.

There is no expectations of healing or fixing.

I am not taking notes or analysing you.

People don’t come to me looking for answers.

What the human touch offers is so very raw and real.

Simply put it is just a human being in the loving presence of another.

To be seen, held and heard even if what is being heard is silence.

And in that space a miniscule shaft of light invites that opening and unfurling.

“The heart knows when it feels safe and warm enough to unfurl.”

Hopefully, soon, I will be able to resume this very important in-person work.

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