How can I do this work?

A cuddle therapy client recently asked

“I wonder what allows you to give so much of yourself in this specific and special way Nancy? ”

I have been asked similar questions before and I find that it offers me a wonderful opportunity to reflect.

There is no single defining moment that brought me to recognise the importance of touch and it’s incredible value to others.

I recognise that many people (though not all) do appreciate platonic touch in their lives but wouldn’t consider putting themselves in the position of facilitating touch and cuddling with a stranger.

So why is it different for me?

I guess there’s this deep, innate knowing that there is real healing and comfort to be found in just being held. That is, being held by someone you can trust and feel safe with. And not everyone has a person that fits that.

There is so much humanity absent in this world and this is my way of bringing some of that humanity back.

But I suppose that doesn’t answer the question of what allows me to give this of myself?

And I can’t explain that.

Sometimes I look for answers within me and sometimes I just let it be, content with the “not knowing”.

I don’t expect everyone to understand what it is I do and why I do it.

People may squirm at the thought of cuddling a stranger or judge my work.

I’m ok with that.

Does everyone understand all that you do?

Do you understand all that you do?

Sometimes we can spend so long looking for reasons, for answers that we forget to just be, to enjoy and celebrate who we are.

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