Virtual Cuddles

As you are aware providing in-person cuddle sessions is currently not an option due to covid 19. It is all of our responsibility to protect each other especially those most vulnerable during this event. We are not putting our lives on hold but holding the lives of others in our hands.

I am already seeing the fallout from this event as an increasing number of people get in touch with me due loneliness from social isolation to trauma experiences of front line workers. This is looking at being a serious mental health crisis.

But do not despair!

This is my new way of working and supporting my clients until we are able to meet in person.

I am offering virtual cuddle sessions via video link (the camera can be switched off during the main part of the session so you don’t feel self conscious).

“How is that possible?!” I hear you ask. Well, as a trained meditation teacher the session will run as a visualisation. Of course, nothing will beat that physical experience but I can hold you in other ways.

These sessions will run for 20 minutes up to an hour depending on your needs.

The fee for this new way of working is simple – pay from your heart. I will give a link to you on booking for paypal or bank transfer.

It’s that simple. You can pay before or after the session.

As it’s via video link there will be no need to go through the ID checks. ID checks will resume when in-person sessions resume.

This is a wonderful way to feel nourished and supported.

And if a cuddle visualisation doesn’t appeal to you then having a simple online one to one meditation may just hit the spot. We can discuss what your meditation needs are and work from there.

There’s no need to suffer in silence.

In The Media

You can find me discussing the importance of touch for BBC Radio Scotland on the Sunday Morning show with presenter Connie McLaughlin and Psychologist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk. Fast forward to 1:09 just after a song by Kate Bush to catch the interview. The interview lasts for approximately 10 minutes.

The Importance Of Touch BBC Radio Scotland

You can also listen in to The Touch Test BBC Radio 4  and take part in the survey The Touch Test Survey

A post-work hug?

Some people head for the gym, some do yoga, some go for a run and some just chill in front of the tv following a full and hectic day at work. All are good.
But have you considered how sharing an hours cuddle might ease the days stresses?

The release of neuro-chemicals when we physically connect can lower blood pressure, ease pain and lower the stress hormone cortisol to promote better sleep.
And when some of our work environments leave little room for a more valuable interaction the provision of an extended hug or even a simple hand hold can bring that deeper connection that we feel our day has lacked and that is so vital for our well-being.


This space at The Therapy Rooms – Saddleworth is a great venue to unwind, to ease you out of your work day and into a more relaxed evening.

Don’t forget I cater for all regardless of gender, sex or orientation.

The Vulnerability of Touch

When we come together to share such an intimate act as touch it is not uncommon to feel vulnerable and self conscious. Putting our trust in another to help guide us through that nurturing experience is a big step. What will be expected of me? Will I freeze with fear or anxiety? What if I look silly?
I know, as a human being and a Cuddle Therapist, that feeling of vulnerability.
This is what I have learned –
Vulnerability takes practice. It doesn’t always come easy and it doesn’t happen overnight.
When you love yourself and are self-compassionate vulnerability is easier.
When we open up to that vulnerability something special happens. With vulnerability comes an authenticity which enables us to connect much more deeply with ourselves and each other.
Embracing our vulnerability can open doors and bring beautiful friendships.
Vulnerability allows us to freely express ourselves, to face fears, acknowledge joy and pain and with that comes great personal growth.
Yes, it can open us more to hurt and disappointment but it can also open us up to more joy and incredible moments.
There is no need to hide your vulnerability.
Your vulnerability is your truth.

And your truth is warmly welcomed.


Heart Open Wide

I want to share with you a little bit about what this work means to me.
And it is so much better to describe a session for how it might feel rather than how it might look.
It is deep, soul embracing work.
Nurturing, enriching, healing and deeply moving work.
Where not only my hands and arms connect with another but also my soul.
To be held, for a prolonged period whether that be physically, emotionally or spiritually is deeply intimate.
That’s what makes this work so nurturing and incredibly special.
It touches you in way that is not physical at all.
It requires, from me, a heart wide open.
To meet you where you are at and that might change from moment to moment or session to session.
To share in your pain.
To alleviate your loneliness.
To acknowledge your trauma.
To fill that basic human need for touch.
To connect in a much more meaningful way than our modern living gives us time for or sees as important for that matter.
A space and time where you are totally seen.
No pretences. No judgement. No advice.
There are no words that could adequately describe what a session might look like yet imagine being held in a totally safe, peaceful space when all about you seems lost or out of control.
Thoughts in your head have been driving you to distraction.
Or, perhaps, your mind is calm, but you feel disconnected.
Just letting go.
Simply seen and held and letting go.
It requires from another the courage step into this unknown. To step into a feeling of vulnerability yet with a feeling of empowerment that comes with the understanding of boundaries and consent.
Empowerment that, in this moment, you don’t need to pretend to be anything other than yourself or feel anything that isn’t authentic.
I feel incredibly privileged to be able to do this work.