Nourishing The Soul

Nourishing The Soul.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or panic disorders this program will gently ease you into a safe space – a place of sanctuary.
We will go through a series of 6  sessions in 6 consecutive days (the 6 days can be extended upon request).

Each session will be on a one to one basis.
It will be a nurturing experience like no other where you will experience kindness, gentle, consensual touch and be held just as you are.
Unlike formal therapy there will be space to just chat or nourish yourself in the silence yet comfort of another’s company.
You will be made to feel safe, not scrutinised.
The session will be free from judgement, expectations and advice. Just listening ears, a friendly face and a warm embrace.
Most importantly it will bring a deep human connection that can be lacking in traditional counselling.
It is open to both men and women.