• What should I wear? Both client and cuddle professional must remain fully clothed at all times. Please wear something comfortable enough for you to snuggle in. Trousers should be long. No crop tops or vest tops.
  • How much is an in-person session? Prices start at £65 per hour including venue hire if using one of my hosting venues.  Additional fees may be incurred if using an alternative venue. I work on a mobile basis so there’s a fee of £10 per hour for travel costs if the venue is more than 1 hour away.  Concessionary rates are available for those who cannot afford full price if you live within 8 miles of HD7. Alternatively, I can also offer a 30 minute session for £38 if you live within 8 miles of HD7.
  • How much is an on-line session (video conferencing)? Virtual Cuddle & Connection Support Level 1 (15 minutes) eye gazing for £8. Virtual Cuddle & Connection Support Level 2 (30 minutes) includes any or a mixture of the following:  eye gazing, activities bringing deeper connection, self-comforting techniques, a hug meditation or virtual cuddle session for £30. Virtual Cuddle & Connection Support Level 3 (1 hour) the same offerings as Level 2 for £55. The virtual support follows the same rules as an in-person session. No nudity, non-sexual, non-romantic.
  • What if I get sexually aroused? This is nothing to be embarrassed about. I would simply suggest we change position or put a pillow in place between us. The moment will soon pass. The important thing is not to act on that arousal.
  • Can we just hold hands and talk? Absolutely. Every session is tailored to meet your requirements. In fact, we could just sit and chat without any form of touch if that is what you prefer on the day. Once you have understood the boundaries the time is yours.
  • Do you cater for male and female clients? Yes. I also cater for those from the LBGTQ+ community.
  • How is payment made? Payment is always made before the session. A deposit of £25 is required on booking and the remainder paid no later than 72 hrs prior to the session. All payments to be made electronically – no cash taken.
  • Do you accept tips? No, any tips offered will be gently refused.
  • I’m very nervous. I may completely freeze. How will this be managed? We will talk things through thoroughly before the session and if it helps and you are local we can meet up for a chat ahead of the session. We will take things very slowly and very gently. If, at any point, you need to stop the session then please say so.
  • I may cry. Is this ok? Many emotions can be experienced during a cuddle session and it is certainly not unusual for tears to be released. Let them flow – it is all very healing.
  • Is sex ever an option? Most definitely NO! If anything of that nature is suggested or implied the session will immediately terminate. Cuddle Therapy is NOT a sexual service.
  • Where can we touch? Touch is not appropriate or permitted in the areas usually covered by underwear.
  • Can I wear perfume/aftershave? No, please refrain from using any strong smelling products.
  • Can I drink alcohol before or during Cuddle Therapy? No. Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden during a session and if it is believed that you are under the influence of either immediately before the session commences the session will be cancelled without refund.
  • I see you are also a Laughter Yoga Teacher and a Meditation Teacher. Can we combine a session with laughter, meditation and hugs? We most certainly can.
  • What is the minimum age? All clients must be 18 years or over.
  • What areas do you cover? I’m based near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and also cover Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Hull and North and South Yorkshire. Please be aware that the further I have to travel the higher the fee due to travel costs incurred.
  • For Marsden, Holmfirth, Hebden Bridge and Saddleworth the price is all inclusive of travel and venue.
  • What if I can’t attend one of your local venues? For venues more than 1 hour from my base all sessions are subject to a  minimum of  2 hours and incur additional travel fees.
  • Why not just have a massage? Massage is a wonderful therapy and is beneficial to many. However, what it lacks is that 2 way connection – both the giving and receiving of that physical closeness.
  • Why should anyone need to pay for a hug? That’s a really important question and perhaps we can consider that if it’s a question we need to ask then we are one of the lucky ones who are never short of warm, supportive hugs. We can be surrounded by family and friends but still feel that physical need for closeness is not being met or due to previous experiences or current circumstances we would feel more relaxed asking a person whom we are not so close to for that experience. We must remember that not everyone has someone they can connect with physically to help ease their anxiety, appease their loneliness, hold them through grief or simply fulfil their need for that closeness of a hug.

Booking procedure:

Following your initial enquiry I will arrange a further chat with you to ensure we are comfortable with each other and that you fully understand what the therapy entails. If you live fairly local we can arrange to meet somewhere public for a chat or we can organise a Skype chat.  This all helps to build a relationship of trust and will help to dispel any nerves.

If we both feel comfortable to proceed with a booking I will ask you to provide a copy of your ID – either a passport or driving licence. This is to confirm your ID and is a safety procedure.

ID checks are not required for remote sessions.

You will need to confirm that you’ve read the Terms And Conditions and the Privacy Policy. This forms part of the contract.

We can then agree a venue and date.

Your first booking from initial enquiry to the booked session can take a couple of weeks so please bare that in mind. This couple of weeks allows us time to discuss and consider if this is the right therapy for you. Subsequent bookings will be much more straight forward.