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Discover & Explore The Power of Touch

Holistic Hugs was established in 2018 and has evolved and grown into something authentic

Many people are experiencing the impact of touch deprivation and skin hunger for the first time or perhaps, the challenges faced these past 2 years have brought to the surface a real need for human connection and the lack of it is having a huge impact on our well-being.

But, in all honesty, we need to change the narrative that this service or any professional cuddling service is for those experiencing touch deprivation. It is not helpful and can be quite alienating for those reaching out even when they are surrounded by warm-hearted loved-ones.

This opportunity to be held in all that you are is for anyone and everyone.

We all can appreciate how wonderful it feels to be held.

Over the years I have crafted my personal skills at connecting with people on a deep level yet in a way that is gentle and always at the level determined by the client. What I have come to appreciate with my work, more so now than ever, is that it is not just my hands that are doing the work but my heart and soul. There are, indeed, many ways to hold someone.

This is me, in all that I am, a certified and insured Compassionate Touch and Cuddle Therapist.

Bringing something to you that is rather unique and is beautiful in its simplicity.

Specialising in therapeutic, healing touch and human connection.
Using Cuddle Therapy & Coaching we create a safe space working within boundaries and consent whilst creating a deep and nurturing experience.  It’s enriching and healing.

Consensual, platonic touch is not only beneficial but is vital for our physical, psychological, social and emotional well-being.

In the Media

Early 2020 I participated in an interview on BBC Radio Scotland discussing The Importance of Touch for BBC Radio Scotland for the Sunday Morning show with presenter Connie McLaughlin and Psychologist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk.


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