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In-person sessions are on pause but there are other opportunities for connection and a touch experience. 

I have been witnessing the fallout from the covid pandemic right from the beginning. An increasing number of people have been reaching out and this is looking at being a serious mental health crisis.

Many people are experiencing the impact of touch deprivation and skin hunger for the first time or perhaps, the challenges faced this year have brought to the surface a real need for human connection and the lack of it is having a huge impact on our well-being.

It has been a tough challenge for me to navigate my way though a new way of working when the premise of my work is physical touch and trying to meet the ever increasing needs of people reaching out to me.

Well, I rose to that challenge. It took me a little while to understand and appreciate how this might work remotely but it has been a huge success. My online compassionate touch and connection support has been so overwhelming successful that the sessions will be a permanent offering. These sessions are facilitated via video link (the camera can be switched off during the main part of the session if you wish) and I have 3 offerings as detailed on the FAQs page.

“How is that possible?!” I hear you ask. Over the years I have crafted my personal skills at connecting with people on a deep level yet in a way that is gentle and always at the level determined by the client. What I have come to appreciate with my work, more so that all of my sessions are online, is that it is not just my hands that are doing the work but my heart and soul. Of course, nothing can fully replace that physical experience but this way of providing sessions online is proving invaluable to clients and shows that I can hold you in other ways.

For more details of my virtual offerings and prices please visit the FAQs page.

For the session via video link there will be no need to go through the ID checks. ID checks will still be required for in-person sessions.

This is a wonderful way to feel nourished and supported.

And if a virtual compassionate touch and connection session doesn’t appeal to you then having an online one to one meditation may just hit the spot. We can discuss what your meditation needs are and work from there.

And, whilst I have been offering these remote sessions, I have been planning the way forward for when I can facilitate in-person sessions again. As you will likely realise I will require a new way of working and supporting my clients with procedures put in place to minimise risks. Please take the time to read the Covid Policy (link above) and there will be an additional Covid Liability Waiver Form in place when in-person sessions resume. The covid policy will be regularly reviewed and I will send out the latest version to clients when those elusive in-person sessions resume.

This is me – a Certified and insured Compassionate Touch and Cuddle Therapist.

Bringing something to you that is rather unique and is beautiful in its simplicity.

Specialising in therapeutic, healing touch and human connection.
Using Cuddle Therapy & Coaching we create a safe space working within boundaries and consent whilst creating a deep and nurturing experience.  It’s enriching and healing.

Consensual, platonic touch is not only beneficial but is vital for our physical, psychological, social and emotional well-being.

In the Media

Early 2020 I participated in an interview on BBC Radio Scotland discussing The Importance of Touch for BBC Radio Scotland for the Sunday Morning show with presenter Connie McLaughlin and Psychologist Dr Suzanne Zeedyk.


 It is time for the human race to reconnect with each other in-person, face to face, hand to hand, smile to smile, chuckle to chuckle. Don’t just put down your gadgets when you’re with someone – switch them off. Give the person you are with your undivided attention. Your time and presence is one of the greatest gifts of all.  

Take a look around the website and read more about  how Compassionate Touch And Cuddle Therapy might be just what you need.